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Brief History Of This Temple

This temple is the center of worship since the 8th century. Narayan Pal, the 6th emperor of Pala Empire initiated the regular worship of the Shivlingam in the 8th century. In the 12th century, a temple was built on this place by King Indradyumna. It is said that the temple was demolished and for many years there were no remains above ground. On 7 April 1977, a boy named Ashok discovered the Giant Shivlingam beneath the ground while playing tradition Gilli-danda game. On 11th Feb 1993, the Shankaracharya of Jagannathpuri inaugurated the restructure of the temple complex. The Current Temple Complex building started on 15th Nov 2002 under Shree Indradamneshwar Mahadev Mandir Trust

Temple Events

Temple Events

Events related to this Temple

Every year on the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri, millions of pilgrims from various parts of India visit this shrine and offer sacred water of Ganges to the deity.



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Ashokdham Temple Lakhisarai

This temple belonging to the faith, Hinduism is in Lakhisarai

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