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Sri Nithyakalyani Udanurai Ezhuttarinadhar temple is situated around 5 km from Kumbakonam town. The God is accepted to have the forces to give great memory, fixation and enhanced discourse energy to His fans. It is trusted that God Shiva achieved this name after he gave the considerable Sage Agasthyar with the tenets of Tamil Grammar. Mythology has it that the King in force requested his bookkeeper Sudanman to present all records at the soonest. Sudanman was a misfortune to do this as it was a monotonous procedure. Surrendering to the God in depression, it is said that God Shiva accepted the human shape, finished and presented all records to the ruler to spare His aficionado.

It is said that God Surya venerated the God in this temple. Innan implies Suriyan, consequently, this spot obtained the name Innan Navambur and later got to be Innambur. About the Temple: The God here lives with two consorts: Goddess Nithakalyani and Goddess Sugandha Kundhalambigai. Revering Goddess Nithyakalyani in this temple particularly amid the Navratri celebration is viewed as exceptionally promising.The closest town/railroad station to get to Innambur is Kumbakonam from where the temple can be gotten to by street. In transit back, fans can likewise proceed to Swamimalai Sri Murugan temple, Thiruvalanchuzhi which is celebrated for the 'white' Ganesha why should accept have been shaped out of ocean froth and Patteeswaram Shri Durga Amman, these sanctuaries among numerous others, are very close from the Innambur temple.

This is the 45th sthalam on the northern side of stream Cauvery. Thiruganasambandar and Appar have sung songs in commendation of God Shiva of this temple. Legend has it that Shiva is uncovered the language structure of Tamil to Agasthyar here and is additionally said to have submitted temple records to a ruler. Airavatam the fanciful elephant is said to have worshipped Shiva here. A five-layered Rajagopuram decorates the passage to this temple with 2 prakarams, while a Gajaprishta Vimaanam with 5 kalasams crowns the sanctum. This temple covers a zone of around 2 sections of land. Stucco pictures on the vimanam represent the Stala Puranam. The Shivalingam and the passageway to the sanctum are colossal and the Nataraja picture is of incredible workmanship. Nityakalyani Amman is arranged to one side of Shiva, while there is a different temple for Sugandha Kundalambal in the external prakaram. Nityakalyani Amman's hallowed place found near Shiva's sanctum is said to speak to the Kalyanakkolam of Shiva. Engravings from the Chola and Vijayanagar periods are found in this temple. About the Deity: Shiva, otherwise called Mahadev (Great God), is one of the principle divinities of Hinduism. He is the incomparable god inside of Shaivism, one of the three most compelling categories in contemporary Hinduism. In this temple, God Shiva offers darshan to aficionados as Ezhuttarinadhar. Legend and Stories: As per legend long time back a ruler who was administering this spot requested that his bookkeeper presents the temple records to him. The books were not progressive. He was hesitant to go before the ruler.

Following day, the ruler called the bookkeeper and paid rich tributes saying that of the temple records kept up as such, his was flawless and right. The bookkeeper came to realise that it was God's effortlessness that He went and presented the books. As God composed His own particular temple accounts, He is commended as Ezhuthari Nathar. Another Legend has it that Sun worshipped God Shiva in this blessed area. Innan means Sun, subsequently the name Innambur. It was Innan Nambur before. Presently it has changed as Innambur. The beams of Sun fall on the God on 13, 14 and of Tamil Panguni month comparing to March-April. Rare Fact: The minister, in the wake of performing pooja to the God, composes on the aficionado's tongue with a blossom stem while recounting mantras. It is trusted that subsequent to accepting such a celestial gift, a man's (youngster or grown-up) memory enhances, focus capacity increments and any discourse hindrances are additionally dealt with.

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