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A group of medical doctors behind a website on Indian Temples!

Where did it all start?


Although the idea of developing a user updatable interactive website on Indian Temples dates back to last decade, I never had the courage to start the same until a few months ago. The resources at my disposal were just not sufficient to proceed. I needed support; that support came from my beloved friend in graduation, Dr Vamsi Krishna Lavu. This busy friend of mine spends his time looking after his establishments in Eastern Europe and India. But, he was always there reminding me the urgency to complete this divine work. Not just the encouragement, he in fact financed all the initial costs to host this information. To sum up, without Vamsi's help this idea would have died like many ideas which can not proceed beyond domain registration.


A special mention must be made of Dr MSS Mukharjee, a heart man by his medical speciality, who had always encouraged me to write and publish something. When he could find time despite his hectic practice to help me, I have no excuse as a non-practicing medical graduate to start building this treasure house of information. Though, I can never mimic his coolness, his cool presence beside me is sufficient to go through this mammoth task.


I am thankful to my wife, Dr Chandrakala, another medical graduate and a devout mother, for tolerating me and my unending work on my Thinkpad. Not just that, she always has a simple solution when I am tearing my hair.


My  son, Keerthan Raju, has a special contribution to this work. He is my Yoga teacher, who takes care of my spine after long hours of desk work.


Last but not the least, is my childhood friend, Padavala Srinivas, a software expert based in Sydney Australia, who sustained my interest in computers. It was he who introduced me to the world of drupal, a robust CMS managing this portal.

Then there is Jagan Janapala, a fellow saikorian and an ardent supporter of this cause. His help and motivation kept me going during the final phases of the development.

Above all, big thanks to the Almighty, who has chosen me to start this job.

Dr. O Srinivasa Kumar Raju