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Going to temples to pray and seek blessings or on festive occasions for rejoicing etc. has become synonymous with the Indian way of life. To put it simply, people cutting across religions in our country love visiting temples and places of worship. But did you know, that there's a lone example of a temple in India which people are scared to visit? The case in point here is the only temple on the planet dedicated to the Indian God of death Yamraj, located at Bharmour in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. This temple more resembles a home rather than a place of worship. Most people are too scared to visit this abode of the God of death and prefer to offer their prayers from outside and leave. The reason, well, legend has it that Yamraj resides in this temple, the only place in the world dedicated to him. One room of this temple is dedicated to Chitragupta, Yamraj's secretary cum accountant, who keeps a record of all good deeds and sins of all the mortal beings. It is said that after death, each soul is first brought to this place before continuing on its journey further. As per common belief, the temple has four invisible doors made out of gold, silver, bronze and iron. It is Yamraj who decides which soul should pass through which door. The same mythological reference can also be found in the religious text Garud Puran. According to legend, the soul is first produced before Chitragupta, who spells out a person's good and bad karmas for deciding upon which door should that soul be made to pass through. For this job, Chitragupta seeks help from Lord Shravan, who is Lord Brahma's son. It is believed that Shravan knows everything about Earth, heaven and hell and also has the power to clearly see and hear the people living on the planet.

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