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Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity . She is the wife and active energy of God Vishnu, who is Supreme God in Vaishnavism. Her four hands represent the four goals of human life considered important to the Hindu way of life – dharma, kāma, artha, and moksha. Representations of Lakshmi are also found in Jain monuments. In Buddhist sects of Tibet, Nepal, and south-east Asia, goddess Vasudhara mirrors the characteristics and attributes of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi with minor iconographic differences
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Sri Lakshmi Tirupatamma Devastanam

Sri Lakshmi Tirupatamma temple that was built as far back as in the seventeenth century is attracting streams of devotees round the year and is one

Bhagyalakshmi Temple Charminar

Bhagyalakshmi temple is a Hindu temple located in Hyderabad, India.

Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple kondagattu

Temple Situated on a hillock amidst beautiful hills, valleys and refreshing water springs, this is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Sri Aadhinatha Swamy Temple Alwarthirunagari

Sri Aadhinatha Swamy Temple,named as ‘Thirukkurugoor‘ is also known as Alwarthirunagari Perumal Temple,located in Alwarthirunagari at a distance of

Varadharaja Perumal Temple Kanchipuram

Varadharaja Perumal Temple or Hastagiri or Attiyuran is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu located in the holy city of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

Ashtalakshmi Temple Chennai

The Ashtalakshmi Kovil is a Hindu temple, which lies on the shorelines near Elliot's beach, in Chennai, India.

Govindaraja Perumal Temple Chidambaram

Govindaraja Perumal Temple or Thiruchitrakoodam in Chidambaram in the South Indian state of Tamilnadu is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu.

Sri Uyyavantha Perumal Temple Thiruvithuvakkodu

Sri Uyyavantha Perumal Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and also revered as one of the 108 Divya Desam temples.

Sri Kuralappa perumal Temple Thiruvanparisaram

Sri Kuralappa Perumal Temple is located in the village of Thiruppathisaram, also called as Thiruvanparisaram, Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu an

Sri Devaraja Perumal Temple Thiru Naimisaranyam Lucknow

Naimisaranyam is among the eight swayam vyakhta kshetrams and among the 108 divyadesams of Sri Vaishnavas.

Sri Kanaka Maha Lakshmi Temple Visakhapatnam

Sri Kanaka Maha Lakshmi is the presiding deity of Visakhapatnam locals. The temple is located in Burujupeta of Visakhapatnam city

Ninra Narayana Perumal Temple Thiruthangal

Ninra Narayana Perumal Temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. Constructed in the.

Srivilliputhur Divya Desam Srivilliputhur

Srivilliputtur Divya Desam is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu.

Sri Muktinath Temple Nepal

Muktinath temple is also called as Mukti Kshetra, the place of liberation or moksha, and it is one of the most ancient temples of Lord Vishnu.

Adi Jagannatha Perumal Temple Thiruppullani

The Adi Jagannatha Temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu.It is one of the 108 Divyadesam dedicated to Vishnu, who is worshipped as Adi Jagann

Thiruvanvandoor Mahavishnu Temple Thiruvanvandoor

The Thiruvanvandoor Mahavishnu Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Vishnu.

Adikesava Perumal Temple Kanyakumari

The Sri Adikesavaperumal Temple is a Hindu temple located in Thiruvattar, India and is one of the 108 Divya Desams.

Thiruvali Thirunagari Temple Nagapattinam

Thiruvali - Thirunagari Temples are paired Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu located 10 km away from Sirkali, Tamil Nadu, India and 5 km away

Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal Temple Kanchipuram

Sri Aadhi Varaha Perumal Temple is located inside the temple complex of Kanchi Kamakshi Amman temple, Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu and also revered as on

Sowmya Narayana Perumal Temple Thirukoshtiyur

Sowmyanarayana Perumal Temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu.