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Kali is derived from the Sanskrit "Kali", or time—she, therefore, represents Time, Change, Power, Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. "Kali" also mean "the black one", the feminine noun of the Sanskrit adjective Kali. Kali's earliest appearance is that of a destroyer principally of evil forces. She is worshipped by devotional movements and tantric sects variously as the Divine Mother, Mother of the Universe, Adi Shakti, or Adi Parashakti. Shakta Hindu sects and Shākta Tantric beliefs additionally worship her as the ultimate reality or Brahman. She is also seen as the divine protector and the one who bestows moksha, or liberation. Kali is the first of the 10 Mahavidyas, or manifestations of the Great Goddess, or ultimate reality. She is often portrayed standing or dancing on her consort, the Hindu god Shiva, who lies calm and prostrate beneath her. Kali is worshipped by Hindus throughout India but particularly Bengal, Assam, Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, along with Nepal and Sri Lanka.
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Praddyumnam Shrinkala Devi Temple Pandua West Bengal

Shrinkala Devi temple is located in Pandua Hooghly district, West Bengal. Pandua is 66 km from Howrah railway station.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple Kolkata

Dakshineswar temple is one of the most revered, sacred temples in Kolkata, dedicated to goddess Kali.

Kalmadhav Shakti Peeth Madhya Pradesh

Kalmadhava Peeth is among the 51 Shakti Peeth of Ma Sati.

Manasa Shakti Peeth Manas Sarovar Tibet

Temple has believed that Devi’s Daksha Hasta  fell at Manasa, where She is known as Dakshayani and Bhairava is called Amara.Shakti peeth Manasa is

Mahakali Devi Sakthipeeth Ujjain

Maha Kali temple from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh is famous for one another ferocious deity of Shakti.

Maa Narayani Suchindram Shakti Peeth Kanyakumari

Suchindram is the famous Shakti Peetha where it is said that the Upper Teeth of Maa Sati fell and the idols are Devi Maa as Narayani and Lord Shiva

Renuka Yellamma Temple Siddipet

The famous Renuka Yellamma Temple in pullur.Most of the marriages are happening in this temple recently.For every 5 or 7 years, Gouds will celebrat

Bhramari Shakthi Peetha West Bengal

Bhramri Devi Mandir is one of the 51 Shaktipeethas belonging to Devi Sati/ Durga where the left leg of Devi Sati fell at Trisotra, Salbari village,

Maa Gandaki shakthi peetha Nepal

Muktinath or Gandaki Shakthi Peetha is the temple where Sati’s Right Cheek has fallen.

Mahakali Temple Chandrapur

There are two idols in the Mahakali Mandir. One standing murthy is the main idol decorated with red, yellow and orange colour clothes.

Bhadrakali Temple Warangal

Bhadrakali Temple is one of the oldest temples for Goddess Bhadrakali, situated on a hilltop between the two cities of Hanamkonda and Warangal.

Taraknath Temple Tarakeswar

The Taraknath temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva worshiped as Taraknath,is a major pilgrimage spot in the town of Tarakeswar, West Bengal, In

Narmada Devi Shondesh Shakthi Peetha Madhya Pradesh

Shondesh Shakti Peeth is among the 51 Shakti Peeth of Ma Sati and is situated in Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh.

Bahula Shakti Peeth West Bengal

Bahula Devi Shakthi Peetha is the place where Sati’s left hand fell. Sati is worshipped as Bahula Devi and Lord Shiva as Bhiruk.

Jayanti Shakti Peetha Bangladesh

Jayanti Shakthi Peeth is the place where the left thigh of Devi Sati fell. Here Devi Sati is worshipped as Jayanti and Lord Shiva as Kramadishwar.

Vimala Shakthi Peeth Puri

Vimala Temple or Bimala Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to goddess Vimala , located within the Jagannath Temple complex in Puri in the Indian st

Dakshinkali Temple Nepal

Dakshinkali Temple is one of the main temples of Nepal dedicated to the goddess Kali.

Kamalasagar Kali Temple Agartala

Kamalasagar Kali Temple was built on a hill-top by Maharaja Dhanya Manikya in the late 15th century.

Pazhanchira Devi Temple Thiruvananthapuram

Sree Pazhanchira Devi Temple is one of the most ancient temples, almost 700 years old and was installed by a 'Siddhayogi' who worshipped the Devi.

Maha Maya Sakthipeeth Amarnath Cave Kashmir

One of the 52 legendary Shakti Peethas is located at Amarnath cave, in Kashmir, India.