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This first blog by me is the synopsis of what I have understood about my divine country, called India.

The concept called India is a very difficult one to understand.

Even a casual glance at history will reveal that India was the sought after country. If you look carefully at history, you will notice that India was the most fought after country right from the ancient times. The fight for India only increased in the medieval ages and this came to climax with the colonisation of India by the British.

The more I studied India, in History and Geography, the more curious I became to see India. India is a picture perfect setting geographically: India has glaciers, alpines, meadows, world's biggest mountains - Himalayas, fertile alluvial plains, densest jungles, richest plateaus all set in a life supporting tropical climate. The triangular Indian subcontinent is mountain-locked on the dangerous north side and is water locked on the other two sides. The selective semi-permeability of these borders by way of high mountain passes and straits has inadvertently made the adventurous settlers to adopt India as home. Thus any culture that came into India became its culture. This geographical setting gave India the unique chance and the perfect medium for a very vibrant and time-tested cultural identity that needs time and effort to understand and appreciate. 

As a science, it may be called Indology! For an average Indian like me, this is in DNA.

It was in chennapattana alias Chennai that I first learnt that I belong to a country called India. It was in a convent, in Meenambaakkam, when I first heard from my teacher, that we are Indians and our country is called India. Then I heard something else out of the school which have given rise to more questions on my country! Like any other staunch Hindu Tamilian, my mother would take me to the temple or kovil every morning before the school. The priest in there would sincerely recite prayers and offer our offerings by giving the lord the precise location of Meenambakkam in every recital and ritual he undertakes. if I remember correctly, he never omitted the words like " Jambu Dweepe .. Bharata Khande .."

My quest of knowing India's spiritual geography began at that instance.

In succeeding blogs, I shall detail my quest to understand India and its spiritual geography.

To be contd...



Karuna (not verified)

17 September 2016

Your concept of identifying India as one spiritually is interesting. Looking forward to see your next blog.

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