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Vimana Dated:11th century

It is pancharatha in plan with a curvilinear superstructure 18m tall. The vimana is surrounded by a cluster of miniature towers with double crowning elements and appears round, unlike other temples in Bhubaneswar but like the towers of Khajuraho temples. The temple stands on a plinth with three mouldings. The bada consists of five divisions instead of the three divisions usually found in other temples. The vimana rises to a height of 17.98 metres from the basement. The vimana measures 10.25 ft *10.25 ft from the inside, 31 ft*29 ft from the outside. Its spire is decorated with clusters of turrets emerging from the rib of the spire. The temple has panchanga bada, or five divisions, namely, pabhaga, talajangha, bandhana, uparajangha and baranda. The lowermost division, called the pabhaga, has five decorative mouldings, namely, khura, kumbha, patta, kani and Basanta. The superstructure of the temple has a number of miniature turrets. The superstructure is crowned with a fluted disc-shaped architectural piece called an amalaka, and a vase surmounts it as the crowning finial

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