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The Adi Badri the first temple complex among the Sapta Badri temples is an ancient shrine dedicated to Vishnu and is one among a chain of 16 small shrines located in the hill ranges 17 kilometres , beyond Karnaprayag confluence of Pindar River and Alaknanda River in Chamoli district.


Seven temples of this chain were built during the late Gupta period . According to tradition, Adi Shankara is attributed as the builder of all the temples.Adi Shankara is believed to have sanctioned these temples in order to spread Hinduism to every remote part of the country. In ancient times, when an approach to the main shrine of Badrinath was closed due to weather conditions, pilgrims worshipped Vishnu at this temple.

how can you reach this temple
By Surface Transport

Adi Badri is approachable from Kama Prayag, 19 km, which in turn is connected by a rnotorable road with Ranikhet, Nainital and Ramnagar.

The nearest railhead, Rishikesh, is 192 kms.

By Air

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant 209 km from Rishikesh.


Adi Badri, also known as Helisera according to revenue records, is a tiny temple complex enclosed within a space of 14 metres . The height of the temples varies from 2–6 metres . The chief temple is dedicated to god Vishnu, which is built on a raised platform, with a small enclosure in a pyramidal form. The sanctum holds black stone 1-metre image of Vishnu.The image depicts Vishnu holding a mace, lotus and chakra .


Adi Badri Chamoli

Extra Information

Best Time to Visit Adi Badri Best Months: May, June, September, October

Timings and Events

Adi Badri temple opens in May and closes in the month of November.

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