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Temples by Timeline

All the temples available are grouped by their built period. Just click on the period name and you will be taken to the period's description page and the list of temples built in that period

  • Those temples built before 700 AD can be considered as Ancient Temples. Many of such temples have not withstood vagaries of time. Some of the temples were renovated in subsequent centuries.

    Listed Temples: 141
  • The medieval temples built after 700 AD and before the beginning of colonial rule - roughly 1500 AD, of India display, varied architectural styles. The religious places and temples built at that time were symbolic of the rulers ruling during that era. Wide-ranging in architectural style, the medieval temples offer a glance into the conglomerate society that shaped India. The structural designs of the medieval temples are a blend of foreign and Indian styles.

    Listed Temples: 515
  • For a finer classification of temples, Temples of India chose to classify Temples built between 1500 AD and1947 AD as Post Medieval Temples. These are not very old temples and are intact in many places.

    Listed Temples: 310
  • Those temples built after India gained independence

    Listed Temples: 79